A downloadable game for Windows

Protect the Pharaohs treasure! He has entrusted you to protect his precious treasure from nasty thieves!

The video below demonstrates some of the gameplay!

Ludum Dare Submission Page

Install instructions

Just double click the file and it will run! Ignore the warning/security message if it comes up, this always happens with these type of game maker files.


PharaohsTreasure_LD36.exe 4 MB


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NB: Copy / Paste from ludum dare entry, so everyone can see some comments :)

Oh woooow ! So much work dude ! Amazing :D

I just played your game, and a tutorial is REALLY important here, i spent 15 minutes to find how to kill this thieves, but thanks to @lonesurvivor I found out there were something else than blocks :p

Finally, good music, nice graphism, matching sounds, gameplay amazing, path finding (really?!), concept matching the theme... Even build a strategy is funny, helping with the pathfinding (strike to the chest) and helping with actuals walls, I could kill 25 of them :D

Your game deserves much attention, an to be evaluated a good tutorial, you might add something as a fix like "Hey, click around the block on the top to change selected tool !" and everything will be fine ^^

Thanks a lot mate :D

Thankyou so much for your post Vegevan! :) I have a added a mini tutorial on the Ludum Dare submission page and uploaded a little gameplay video also! :)